Conveyor Belts

again, sorry if this has been mentioned before but…
it would be really handy to be able to rotate conveyor belts once they have been placed.
from my experience so far, getting the belts to do what I want is a real pain in the a… (i’m sure you can guess!)
anything that can be done to sort this and make the belts easier to use would be such a blessing :slight_smile:


when placing them tile by tile it may be a pain.
But when dragging from the source to the destination (e.g. from ‘Chassis Assemble’ to ‘Fit Body’ slot) it’s really easy.
If you want to ‘draw’ the conveyor in more than one step just start at the last placed conveyor tile.

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Hey MonkeyNuts,

looks like there is another topic related this: ‘Conveyorbelt income arrow’

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