Cost of commuting


Does anyone else feel that this is generally a bit high? Also, given that maintenance costs are taken account of when buying a car or motorbike I would have thought that both should be cheaper than the bus.

Any comments?


Maybe there should be options for spending more buying a car and ending up with something more fuel efficient. I think it’s the bus price that’s too high. A car is going to be more expensive than a bus on a per trip basis. Also, I think buses should have a fixed fee that goes up in tiers based on distance. $2 / trip if < 15 miles, $3 for > 15 miles or something like that. Who pays by the mile on a bus?


Yeah, the bus was the main cost I was making more money as a Waiter than a Lawyer, 20 Miles on a bus is expensive both ways.


What I did for the bus was make the per mile fee a very small amount, but make the minimum charge several dollars. That way, taking the bus is a flat fee for most realistic commute lengths. Much more realistic that way, I think.