Crash after install Democracy 3: Electioneering


i’ve buy Democracy 3: Electioneering and start with a new Game.
Options are default, except without a turn limit.
My Game are a fresh install on another PC.

After some turns, the game crash. There are only a windows message, that windows try to solve this problem. The autosave.xml are empty with 0 byte.
I’ve use Windows 7 Professional.

Sorry. I’ve been angry, but i delete my review.
I’ll hope you can found the problem and fix it. The DLC sound like a good expansion.

Best Regards,

Hi, sorry for taking so long to getting around to checking this forum :frowning: we did indeed have a bug along these lines that affected some subset of players, but it should be fixed now. If its not fixed and you have a non-steam copy, please re-download. if its STILL not fixed, please let me know.

I’m also still having issues playing Electioneering. On a Mac.

Is there any update on this one? I just re-downloaded the game and all 4 DLC’s about 15 minutes ago and I’m still having this issue where I can’t play Electioneering.

Each installer quit unexpectedly as well, but when I checked the game, they were installed. Electioneering is causing the same game crash that it has since I first bought it.

Any update?

Still no reply to this? Try disabling Extremism DLC, othee than that I have no idea. Cliffski is busy working on Production line right now.

Has anybody figured out a fix to this yet? I’ve downloaded the latest versions of the game, and Electioneering still crashes my game.