Campaign crash

I know someone, somewhere asked about this already. I just can’t seem to find the answer for this.

When in Campaign, I try to attack another planet, click to end the turn, there’s this zoom-in-on-the-planet thingy, a window that says “Plaese wait” pops up, runs about five seconds and bam, crash to desktop.

Anyone knows what’s happening ?

That sounds like a firewall problem, the game is grabbing a fleet from the server at that point, so make sure no software like security suites on yiour PC are preventing it doing this. Also check you are online.

same problem here, but when i try to attack a planet and click start fighting, i get the gsb.exe-stopped-working-message.
i’ve read the sticky, followed the instructions, nothing helps. what can i do?

you will find the debug data for the campaign here:

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\campaignprogress\GAME NAME\debug.txt

If you could email that file to, along with the fiels here:

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\debug

That would help

mailed it to you.

the problem persists :frowning:
is there any hope for a fix?

I also have campaign crashes, but they seem random. Some are during retreat, some during attack, some while turn is processing. Very frustrating, and I can’t recreate them if I wanted to, the game just crashes when it wants. I’m on WinXP 32-bit, no firewalls or AV running at all, I can’t find any problem from my machine.

Is this with version 1.55? there was a campaign retreating crash that was fixed with that version.

Yeah, um… it’s still happening- only less frequently.
@cliff: btw, check your inbox…

Still crashing often enough to prevent game from working. I haven’t had 10 minutes in campaign without a crash. One guarantee for me is every single time I retreat game crashes, my version is 1.55 full. Other times it’s random crashes, a few happened when moving ships into a fleet before a battle.

is this with a version that has been patched to 1.55? or one that was a fresh 1.55 install?