Crashing when "assessing dilemas"

I’m new to Democracy 2. Have the full version. The game is crashing (nearly every play) when it is “assessing dilemas”. There’s also an error message - “Failed to open save game file:.\SourceCode\SIM_SaveGame.cpp77”. Graphic card driver is up-to-date. Any assistance appreciated.

Have you tried adding any Mods to the game? That is (most likely) what screwed my version of the game up. I’m guessing what’s happening is that the program is looking for a dilemma that isn’t in the proper directory. But this is a very uneducated guess…

I’d guess the same thing - probably something wrong with a mod you’ve installed.

Thanks for this, but I haven’t installed any mods plus there are afew ganes when it doesn’t happen. The game isn’t installed on C drive, but given the problem doesn’t happen with every game i assumed that wasn’t the cause.

What is happening is this:

[code] char fullname[MAXSTRING];

errno_t ret = fopen_s(&PFile,fullname,"wt");

77-> GERROR(“Failed to open save game file”);

Basically the game doesnt seem to have permission to write a file to the save game directory. Is this maybe a limited user account or some other non-administrator permissions problem on your copy of windows? or perhaps you ran out of disk space (unlikley), or the disk has errors in that directory?
It’s worth checking the disk for errors and the permissions of the user.

Thanks. Ran chkdsk. It did find a couple of errors which it corrected and it looks as though this has fixed the problem.

…or so I thought. At least the game reloads quickly!