Credits for GSB2?

I haven’t been able to find credits anywhere for this game. I found some for GSB, but not for GSB2. I know Cliff worked on both of them, but what about the artists, composers, etc…?

Edit: Mods please delete. I wrote it in the wrong forum, and just reposted it in GSB2 forum.

At the very bottom of the main menu screen (literally at the edge of the screen), click on the word ‘credits’ in tiny white text. Also, since you didn’t know about ECM weapons I’m guessing you’re new to these games so just in case you aren’t already aware, GSB2 is basically dead. It’s unfinished and will never BE finished. It works, for me at least (though not for some users), but any bugs or imbalances will NEVER be fixed and there will NEVER be any new content for it other than user-made ships and challenges. With that said, if you can deal with these issues it’s still good fun, though I personally find it gets boring much faster than GSB1.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and it crashes a lot. Really, A LOT.

Thanks! I’ll go back to GSB1 if 2 gives me too much trouble.