Crew Status bar

I’m thinking maybe the “Disruption bar” should be replaced with a “Crew bar” that tells the status of the crew aboard the ship.
As modules get destroyed, the crew will drop.

This would only be useful if there were other ways to kill a crew also, such as boarding parties or radiation guns. Escape pods could theoretically make their way to another friendly ship and join the crew there.

Medical Modules might even allow you to replenish crew the way armor repair modules replenish armor. It’s just another resource for your ship.

I dunno, i kinda like my cruisers limping around with almost no hull and all modules but a gun blown out and still in the fight. :smiley:

I didn’t really mean your ship would get destroyed if your crew modules were taken out.
I forget that the bars measure the totals for all the remaining modules. I was more referring to a bar of “overall crew aboard the ship”, regardless of which modules are still functioning or taking damage. It would just give us yet another way to take out enemy ships – by having some weapons that are more effective at killing crew. A simple defense against these weapons would involve just adding more crew.

The remaining crew aboard your ship when it is destroyed could also determine how many escape pods are launched.

And I kind of like the idea of a perfectly serviceable cruiser lying adrift in space because there’s no one left alive.

ghost ships?