Crony Capitalism: Or how to at least stop them murdering me

Hi guys,

got the game last night and got to say i’m a fan :slight_smile:

I am however slightly disappointed at the capitalists in most of the quick games i’ve done so far. Despite many pro buisness policys and resolution of situations, combined with tax cuts they never really seam to get on board (once or twice i’ve got them into the ‘yellow’ support mostly due to the gobal economy going really well). They basically seam far too easy to piss off with very little way of positively rewarding them (apart from small business grants).

how do you get them ‘on side’ as it were for an election? i’m good at upping their numbers, and doing just enough so they don’t murder me but not enough to get the business 'vote.

found that they really like toll roads and the car tax by use thing for some reason! that got them onside quick