Is this meant to be an unrealistic game?

I’ve been playing Democracy 3 for the last week. I haven’t tweaked much, just added some mods for Department of Education and the emergency one from the Democracy website. It seems that the only way to avoid getting assassinated by the “Battenberg Group” or whatever is by eliminating as fast as possible any forms of taxation, including income tax. This seems ridiculous! What group of “capitalists” would immediately resort to ASSASSINATION of a president because they were getting taxed? Is there any mod around this? Should I just never play at “100%” difficulty. If this were a realistic game, no president save GWB in my lifetime would’ve ever made it past the first half of their term! Eventually, the elimination of taxes gives you so much debt, that your debt interest sky-rockets past control. Anyone else experiencing this? Any hints to make this game more an expression of one’s political ideas, rather than just avoiding assassination by any means necessary? I’m going to keep trying, but who knows why…

There certainly is too much assassination in these games but I think they’re very realistic for the most part otherwise.

I’m surprised you’re having such difficulty with the Battenburgers. The capitalists never like me, but they’re usually happy enough. Which country are you playing as, and what’s your standard opening strategy?

With regard to the capitalists, there are various options apart from reducing taxation. I would suggest Small Business Grants & the Enterprise Investment Scheme; both will give you some credit with the capitalists while boosting your GDP. If you have the social engineering DLC, then there are a few other options in there.