Cycles in the dependency graph detected

I’m working on a tool that can visualize the dependencies for all the policies, situations and simulation. I finally got something working, when I stumbled onto this:

GDP affects Homelessness which affects CrimeRate which affects GDP

@cliffski Is this expected behavior? Wouldn’t cycles in the graph cause some sort of recursive snowballing?


Nice visualization! While I’m not sure how this game handles circular referencing in its neural network, it causes no issue afaik and can be found quite easily from the existing links.

  • Productivity ← → Unemployment
  • GDP ← → Skills Shortage
  • GDP ← → Private Space Industry
  • GDP ← → Cyber Warfare
  • GDP → Currency Strength → International Trade → GDP
  • etc.

So it would be surprising if these are not intended to work like that imo.