Demo running with problems

Cliff, do you have any idea of the minimum specs for ST? When I run the demo, the mouse drifts dreadfully and the background graphics jerk. I suspect I may not have the right kit, but I couldn’t find specs on the site.

Off the top of my head, I’m running an…

AMD Athlon 1800MHz
512 Mb RAM
Radeon 9200 graphics card (128Mb)

did u get the demo from our site? if its a slightly older copy it will have hideous ‘pauses’ every few seconds on a slower CPU, due to some dreadfully inefficient coding by me ;(. AFAIK the latest version from our website is tons better!
All of this pales in comparison to our newer games, Starship tycoon is built on a very old (and inefficient) codebase I’m afraid ;( If there were 2 of me, I’d dedicate 1 to writing a sequel to that game immediately!

Yeah, from the positech site. So you mean the actual software should run fine, even if the demo doesn’t?

no, in this case it sounds like a conflict with your video card. Do you have the latest drivers? and I presume you are running fullscreen? It should be pretty smooth on your system if thats the case. The demos performance is the same as the full versions though.

Oh, full screen. In most things that slows it down, but here it seemed to fix it. D’oh. Thanks!