demo won't play - dds file error

It starts up okay, but as soon as i try to learn how to play or start a new game, it brings up an error saying to contact publisher for tech support, failed to locate texture so here I am. checked the program directory and couldn’t find that file anywhere. have tried re-installing, to no avail. I downloaded the demo from this site

sounds like its not installed properly. This is the demo your running?

Same problem here. Downloaded demo, installed, when I click “learn how to play”, demo crashes with an error message about not being able to find the file mentioned above. Tried reinstalling the demo, same error.

holy cow your right, fixing it now…

redownload the demo and it should be fixed now. cheers. silly mistake of mine :frowning:

I just tried installing the demo and I am getting this error. I downloaded the demo from

I am getting this error with the demo too. I downloaded it from the Positech site today.

I just tested it here, and it seems fine. how strange. Can you email me (cliff AT the files the game creates inside its ‘debugdata’ directory?
Make sure you are running the demo you just downloaded rather than maybe an old copy. This was a missing file, but its definitely fixed now!
Anyone else getting this error?

gah! I’m an idiot. It should be fixed now. re-download the demo and give it another try.

Works for me now, thanks. :slight_smile: