Democracy 2 works BETTER under wine.

Democracy 2 under wine on linux works great, and sometimes BETTER then on windows, however inorder to start it in a windowed mode, you cant just do it from the options in the game, from a command line do “wine ‘path to democracy2.exe’ -win(or windowed)” or just make a launcher with those details.

no DLL overrides, no registry edits, no feature tuning, etc.

Thanks for posting this. It’s good to know it runs under linux.

the only issue is you have to manually put it in windowed mode… its more hard then I thought…

you have to set -height 600 -width 800 -windowed

in the wine registery creates D2 prefix and make wine start in a window…

but you can easly tab to another window(alt tab in windows)

In the current git version of Wine, everything seems to work perfectly - even fullscreen mode. However, the installer crashed for me at the end of installing, and launching the game needs to be done by changing to the D2 directory and then doing a “wine Democracy2.exe”. Launching the game with full path (i.e., “wine some/path/Democracy2.exe”) results in an error (D3DEngine Error - “Please check publishers website for tech support Details: [CreatePrimary]”, Wine console output: fixme:d3d:debug_d3dformat Unrecognized 2117788786 WINED3DFORMAT! … err:ddraw:IDirectDrawImpl_CreateSurface IDirectDrawImpl_CreateNewSurface failed with 88760091).