Democracy 3 in FRENCH ?


Est-il possible de mettre Domocracy 3 en français ?


We have a German version close to release. if that sells enough to cover costs we will also consider a French translation :smiley:

Ohhh good! Thanks

Hi, I’ll try to make a complete French translation of the game but it will certainly take a lot of time, because there is text in a lot of files !


I managed to add all english strings of the game on transifex website to simplify collaborative translation.

Anyone interested in can join. French version is almost done. 20% remaining.

To join, just register to transifex website and go to this address :

And to reinject translated file from transifex I made a small program that you can find on github : … r/releases

This is truly awesome. I’ve run the program and am now looking at my game only in French!
I am unsure what the correct etiquette is regarding these things, and the legal issues. Would it be acceptable for me to take this translation and make it available as an option through steam and my website?
I would definitely like to do so.

Yes it would be nice that everybody can access officially to it. It’s better than to share unofficially the translation. I sent you an email to discuss about it.


I get the translation files, but I don’t understand where place the files in my Democracy 3 folder. I’m on Mac.

Anyone have a manual solution?



I’m a developer at Transifex and also a player of Democracy 3.

The integration of the game with Transifex looks amazing. Integrating Transifex
into the systems of our customers is generally one of the most challenging
parts of our work. And considering this being done as a side-activity, the
project on gihub is great. Good job @dragouf!

Now there are a few issues with the democracy-3 project on Transifex:

  1. We offer Transifex for free for open-source projects and I’m pretty sure
    that Democracy 3 does not fit the description :slight_smile:

  2. The maintainer of the democracy-3 project on Transifex is not the game
    developer, ie not the entity who owns the content.

  3. The project at Transifex is public which means that anyone with a Transifex
    account can access and possibly download the source strings. That may be an
    issue with the game developer since textual context is one of the most
    valuable parts of the IP of this particular game.

We love the idea of game developers using Transifex. Our product has a strong
focus on community translations and it’s in the nature of games to build
communities around them, as is evident by Democracy 3’s mods on Steam which are

So, I’m pretty sure that Positech could talk with our executives and figure
out a fair and equitable solution for hosting Democracy 3’s content.

Then we can go ahead and change the ownership of the project on Transifex to
Positech, have you guys manage the localization process as you wish
(eg. combination of professional and community translations), take advantage of
the capabilities we have to offer and even integrate dragouf’s translation
injection program into the game so that players can download updated
translations on the fly, without having to wait for a game update.

For more information on this, please contact our sales manager: .

Konstantinos Bairaktaris