Democracy 4 Developer Blog #38: Unhappy Ministers



Yes! I love the Ministers change!! This game looks so good!

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That’s fantastic work with the ministers! With that change you make be getting close to the point of no longer being in early access.

Regarding UBI, I don’t think anybody says that it would directly decrease bureaucracy, I don’t see how any policy could have negative bureaucracy. What is meant is that the number of programs which could be cut once UBI is online collectively have an enormous amount of bureaucracy which could be cut. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with this view, merely trying to clarify what I believe other people’s position is. If I understood you correctly, you are saying that UBI will actively down tick the amount of bureaucracy, which makes no sense.

I will also reiterate my point from another post that bureaucracy should be a blue bubble, not a red one. Everyone has some bureaucracy, and I don’t see there is a tipping point where it suddenly becomes a national crises. It has more of a slow and grinding onset. For comparison, if a person is overweight, you can’t really pick the specific excess pound which made the person suddenly unhealthy. “You were healthy at 226 pounds, but that 227th pound means your fat now!” See? It doesn’t make sense.


Sure, but the problem is that in the real world, there would be just so many blue bubbles that the game would be a UI disaster of phenomenal proportions :D.
The implication in the design is that yup, there is a blue bubble out there somewhere, but you don’t really need to worry too much because its not actually causing problems until it suddenly gets bad enough that it ends up on the agenda for the president.

In practical terms I think what we are trying to measure is the point where businesses start to think ‘jeez… i’m not sure building a new factory / updating our premises / hiring more people is worth all the hassle’. I guess everyone has their breaking point regarding bureaucracy.

The same is true with many of the red situations. Presumably all countries have some sort of obesity problem, or organised crime problem, but its only when it starts to affect the functioning of society on a day to day basis that the simulation is calling your attention to it.


I would argue about racial tension being higher in the United States than in Europe, actually. I think a boost for the US is appropriate, but the total level should be lower thanks to policy.