Depressing unrealistic

Even with the amendment to “game reality” the production chain looks absurd:

  • the chassis is going to
  • on it the body is cooked
  • and it’s all goes to painting
    It would be more realistic and interesting a more branched conveyor chain:
    On one conveyor the body is brewed and painted, on the other the chassis is assembled, then these conveyors merge into one line where the chassis and body are connected.
    But most of all it killed - the installation of brakes after installing the wheels (I’m already silent about the fact that the disc is mounted on the conveyor and the next step is installing tires, how does the developer imagine it … … why there is no separate conveyor on which the wheel is assembled ? The animation of the robotized welding device of the mounting tire is already silent, we will write down on alpha)

Sorry for the automatic translation

HOW IT’S MADE the New BMW i8 - How Born the i8 CAR FACTORY Production Plant … ar+factory

Hi, We are changing the order to brakes, wheels, tires for the next patch!