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Awesome! Great to see that tip on the factory set up, that could make things a lot less bottle-necked.

EDIT: I just tried this, and the cars seem to go from Fit Engine, back to Fit Engine, I have a video of it, but not sure if this would be something “Fixed” in the new version, or if it’s something you’re not aware of, if you’d like the video, let me know.

Because it might be relevant, I’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate that cars coming out of, say, Fit Lights might get deposited onto a conveyor-circle containing Fit Accessories but no Fit Horn. In such a case, my experience is that they go through all of Fit Accessories, using up twice the lights they need.

Some of the concepts shown later in this video cause me to think a lot about making changes to design where a car could go thru a slot more than once if the car was partially constructed when a design addition has been made. Will take some testing to see if the car will go thru and add a part that has been added and didn’t get installed in the first go around.

The rest of my thinking was concerning efficiency. This carousel method could not be very effecient I would not think so is there some other benefit of this method of design. Hmm

The carousel style is very different but getting any sort of efficiency from it would be difficult without some very clever planning.

I definitely like the idea of the smart junctions! Solves a lot of problems I have for sure.