Design Roadmap update

I thought it would make sense to let the current production Line players know exactly what will be coming in the next few months, for sure, because its already ordered and scheduled :smiley: Other stuff may also happen.

  1. Scenarios
    This will come very soon. This will be specific goals on specific maps, such as ‘build X cars of type Y on map Z, within W hours’ and so on…

  2. Naming your company.
    Probably also company logos, which will be displayed in various parts of the GUI.

  3. New Resources.
    Sodium Azide (used in airbags), Colored Paint, LightBulbs, Wood, Chrome.

For Polish Room, Paint Room and Glas bender.

  1. New slots & graphics.
    An airbag manufacturing slot with new machinery, and compressed air tanks. etc. Cable reels for electrical work to show more obviously the electrical; assembly parts of the line. A new fuel-tank press, and taller metal press. A lazer machine room for some high-tech manufacturing. New smart junction graphic.

  2. New high-end dashboard and interior options.
    Wood and chrome options (or both!) for assembling the dashboard in high-end cars. cabin-lighting and foot-well-lighting options.

Plus we will continue to balance the game, tweak performance and generally improve things. I’m hoping to get a proper Portuguese and Italian translation soon too.

I always look forward to updates and everything that comes with them.

I’m definitely looking forward to the scenario’s as a new stage of the gameplay.

coming soon!

Nice, I still think the starting cash on Giant Factory is too much.

Very much looking forward to the “Freeplay” option. I’ve been sort of hacking that in by setting my starting cash to $1B, but an official version would be great!

Hopefully the freeplay stuff is working ok for people who wanted it :smiley:

well i loved freeplay but could do with research already available making easier for me to get the modules ready