Developing Theories?

[size=75][color=brown]I was playing a character with lots of medical skills and IQ, when all of a sudden I notice a new option in “Relax Alone” called “Develop Theory”.

Since then, I’ve completed two theories and am working on my third. It says that it makes you character happy and more likely to get into expensive restaurants, but does it do anything else?

I would also like to know what triggers that option. Is it high IQ? Medical skills? Something else?!

It’s never happened with any of my other characters, even with one that had numerous science skills.

Overall I liked the surprise! I definitely wasn’t expecting it.

And another thing – E MC-H4MMeR? :laughing: [/size]

combination of science knowledge and high IQ triggers it. And when your theory is accepted you get a big temporary kudos boost. That will help you get some of the top jobs.

[size=75][color=brown]Thank you.[/size]

It would be nice to have the same “advanced” relax alone option for other occupations. Say “write a book” for the high cultured ones, compose a song… Well maybe it already exists…

Ok after looking into the solo_activities file it does exist… But maybe it could be interesting to develop something for all catogories, even an ex-bodyguard with enough culture should be able to write a book.