Possible bug?

I’ve just purchased a copy of Kudos and am really enjoying the game, however, there seem to be a few problems with gaining stats off certain things. For example, although playing the saxophone is supposed to raise culture, and a +3 appears next to the culture bar, the culture bar never changes, no matter how many times I practice. Something similar happens with the video game where it appears on the screen that I have earned a problem solving point but the problem solving skill or IQ never increase.

Is this supposed to happen?

IQ raises fine for me using the crosswords.
Culture from musical instruments seems capped at 50%, though.
I bought War and Peace from the bookstore, which I guessed would raise it. It does, and at nearly a thousand pages, it should suit all of your culture needs for most of the game.
Just a pity about that cap on music-culture, though.

culture and IQ are split into subcomponents, click their indicators and you will see which bit needs raising. The tutorial doesn’t make this clear enough ;(