different versions

Hi! I just found out about Kudos yesterday. Downloaded the demo and was totally amazed. Then I came to this forum and was surprised that developer actually listens to community and takes heed of their opinion. That convinced me to buy this game.

But last thing that keeps me from giving my money away is “different versions”.
Are there any differences between Positceh and Yahoo and any other versions (if there are more)? Which version have less bugs, more jobs, avatars etc. Which one would you suggest to buy?

Sorry if this have been discussed before.

And once more - thanks to Cliff for making this great game!

There are many different versions out there !

If you don’t buy from Positech you “should” get the latest. But if there are some bugs/glitches then updating could be difficult.

I strongly suggest … hmm, recommend … that you get the Positech version. You can update from within the prog.

I’m currently using Version Final 1.22.
Don’t worry about the word “Final”.

Yeah, cliffski does listen to us (most of the time, long story !)

Have a look at Rock Legend too :laughing:

best version of all my games is always from this site. why would I add stuff to a different companies version and not integrate it into my one. that’s my philosophy anyway :smiley:

Yes I also suggest getting the positech version, the yahoo version isn’t bad but the positech version has more jobs and things added to it.