DM4-Starting debt

In reaction of fixed problem june 15: When I start a new game choosing 0 debt, and get into the game the debt/reserve in the upper line of the main screen is not 0 but ( It seems like) a random figure. (v1,06). Is there any relation between these items?

When I do the same, my debt is exactly the same as the defecit for that turn. I think the game simulates one turn before you start. On turn 0, it sets the debt to 0 and then simulates turn 1 and since you were running a defecit you take on some debt.

Is your debt not the same as the defecit?

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It simulates lots of turns before start to settle situations and statistics.
There is one off calculation error with debt it seems.

We do simulate a lot of turns (32 I think) but it might be that we only calculate debt/deficit stuff for the last turn before the game starts. (not at dev PC right now). So it might be impossible to get an exact 0 starting debt, but it should be some reasonable (deficit/surplus) number. Are you getting an insanely big number? any chance of a screenshot?

Seems to be one turn of accumulation for default start UK (started with 0 debt).

I have worked it out a little more:
Only changed the starting debt
nr starting debt____Income_______ Expenditure_______Deficit_______Debt/Reserve
1 £ 0 B_______£ 130.69 B_______-£ 139.83 B_______£ 9.14 B_____£ 9.10 B
2 £10 T_______£ 130.69 B_______-£ 182.51 B_______£51.82 B____£10.05 T

3 £ 0 B_______ £ 814.25 B_______-£ 760.19 B_______£ 54.07 B_____£ 54.07 B US
4 £30 T_______ £ 814.25 B_______-£ 887.04 B_______£ 72.87 B____ £ 30.07 T US
5 £ 0 B________£ 132.64 B_______-£ 138.93 B_______£ 6.28 B_____£ 6.26 B GB
6 £ 0 B________£ 814.25 B_______-£ 759.49 B_______£ 54.32 B____£ 54.32 B US
7 £30 T_______ £ 132.64 B_______-£ 266.97 B_______£ 134.33B____£ 30.13 T GB

And can conclude that the figures are in proportion…