Debt and the other stats?

Does anyone have a set of formulas to figure out what debt and the other stats ought to be?

I know some of the internal relations, like how population is “actual population / 2000”, and that “max_gdp 3 * min_gdp”, which is itself about “2/3 * starting_debt”, but I have no idea how to calculate what the debt itself ought to be. I feel guilty just estimating from the existing countries, because of how many different factors there are. If anyone’s got that, I would be quite grateful.

Hey there. I always use effectivedebt
( global_interest_rates may interest you,too)

( I have not found any other accessible variables, yet,
regarding debt, deficit, reserve or surplus. )

has a value between 0 and 1 (0=0% 1=100%),
where 0 stands for no debt or even a reserve,
where 1 stands for 200% DEBT_TO_GDP–ratio, or even higher debt.
effectivedebt = DEBT_TO_GDP–ratio *0.5

e.g. If you like to build and add a good=green situation when debt is small.
Try this:
,1=greenSitu,0.85=85% start trigger,0.75=75% stop trigger,
This is a section/part of a line-of-code, with start-stop-triggers and inputs
for a green situation which will trigger when debt is significantly reduced
to below 15% DEBT_TO_GDP–ratio.

pls look here for an example from cliffski :
\Democracy 3\data\simulation\situations.csv :: DebtCrisis
,0=redSitu,0.6=60% start trigger,0.4=40% stop trigger,

#,DebtCrisis,Schuldenkrise,"Text1...",ECONOMY,,Text2... ,Text3... ,0,0.6,0.4,0,0,"_global_interest_rates_,0.2*(x^4)","_effectivedebt_,0+(x^4)",#,"Capitalist,-0.3- (0.5*x)","SelfEmployed,-0.3-(0.25*x)","MiddleIncome,-0.2-(0.3*x)","_MiddleIncome,-0.2- (0.4*x)","_All_,-0.2-(0.2*x)","GDP,-0.2-(0.2*x),2",,,,,

pls read Modding Guide:
… especially Situations Section for detailed code parameter explanation … tions.html

I hope this is useful to you. Cheers.

Hey there. I always use effectivedebt ___ part II

:: advanced info for advanced modding ::
what I found was following:

effectivedebt is a calculated variable, I was not able to change it’s value!
(e.g. lower it by 10%, raise it by 50%, etc)

effectivedebt is linked to many other variables!

simconfig.txt :
sets effectivedebt=1=100% to 2=200% DEBT_TO_GDP–ratio
giving effectivedebt = DEBT_TO_GDP–ratio *0.5

e.g. \Democracy 3\data\missions\uk\uk.txt :
[config] currency = “£”
max_gdp = 2400000
wealth_mod = 4.79
starting_debt = 800000

e.g. When you start a new UK game
DEBT_TO_GDP–ratio will be close to
800000 / 2400000 / 70%average = 47% (approx.)
starting_debt / max_gdp / 70%average = 47% (approx.)

real world formula :
DEBT_TO_GDP–ratio = debt / GDP
DEBT_TO_GDP–ratio* is main influence for Credit Rating
which sets Interest Rate you will pay on debt this turn.
*is represented by effectivedebt

I hope this is useful to you. Cheers :wink:

[ my system: Democracy 3, deutsch-sprachig/german-version, v1.14, vanilla (no DLCs, no Mods activated), bought at as download ]