Altering Start Conditions

Hi - I’m very new to the game, and have just had a test run as PM of the UK.

I appreciate that starting the game with a huge national debt AND large quarterly budget deficit is highly realistic, but is there any way of starting with e.g. a national debt of say 100bn, and a balanced budget… so that you can be challenged to win an election under more ‘normal’ circumstances, rather than the circumstances we have found ourselves in over the past 5-6 years?


Try changing the difficulty to 50 or 60%. It starts you with a more reasonable budget deficit or a small surplus. I’m sure it makes other areas of game easier too though.

It’s also very easy to mod, or simply hack the existing files. Open up
\program files\democracy3\data\missions\uk\uk.txt

And change the line for starting_debt to be set to zero :smiley: