Do target boosters stack?

Sorry for spamming the forum. At any rate, do target boosters stack? I have an immovable space station I’m building and since I don’t think it will get attacked want to make its’ missile attacks super accurate. I know shield’s have diminshing returns as you add more, but I couldn’t find if the same thing applies to other modules like target boosters.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can see the diminishing returns on them by mousing over them on the ship blueprint. The diminishing returns on targeter modules are pretty severe.

Thanks, I’d been looking in the wrong place for dimisnhing returns on the boosters. That helps a ton!

Yeah, severe is an understatement, for this module. The benefit of a second one is minute (unless the penalty only affects the second module, but I think it affects both) and a third would actually reduce the benefit.

From a gameplay perspective, I think these would be more interesting if there were no efficiency penalty at all, or only a small one (like that applied to armour/shields.) It’d be interesting (but horribly expensive) to try to make missile/plasma ships that could hit fast movers. It’d also make for an alternative to tractor beams for antifighter - a boost of about .5 should be enough to make a pulse laser a viable anti fighter area defence weapon (and quite handy against frigates too.)

which hull would have space for 3 target boosters and everything else?


as dogthinker said, there is no point in equipping more than one.
2 of them work with 60% efficiency, 3 with 36%.

with 3 moules I equipped, that’s 0.108 target boost…


Many of them…

Not every ship has to have a bit of everything equipped, and you don’t have to use every hardpoint for weapons. Just browse in the ship maker and you’ll see plenty of hulls with space for 17 or 18 modules. Imperials have one that can take 20.

Why would you want 3? The penalty is so severe that its probably cheaper to get a similar different weapon with a different tracking speed.

Back on off-topic, I know, one of my best ships has a empty hard point due to power and crew needs.

If you read up, we were explaining that adding a third actually appears to give negative returns… I was arguing that this item ought to have a much weaker penalty (or possibly none at all,) which prompted the question as to who would have space for mounting that many anyway :smiley:

I dot think anyone in their right mind would have space for 3. Either it’s taken up with everything else, or too expensive.

Oh okay. I’m just agreeing with you then:D.