Don't have a registration code

Hey, I purchased Gratuitous space battles via one of the humble bundle deals. Then when I got hooked, I purchased the expansion races (except for one I think) and the Galactic Conquest campaign. Then tried to play it. Says I need a reg code…looked everywhere in my e-mails and stuff and no dice. I do have proof that I purchased the game and expacs as I have the ID codes for those, if you need it. Might be more prudent to solve this via e-mail rather than having the entire forum see my codes lol.

The campaign and expacs I didn’t buy from Steam but through your guys’ online store, just the main game…which of course is NOT on any account that I have access to anymore. Figures.

Hmm, I am sorry to say don’t have any suggestions on how to recover a code from steam (mainly since i don’t use Steam). I think your original suggestion of solving this via email to Cliff might be the best way.

Crap, didn’t buy the base game via BMT micro. Is there a work-around, or do I need to dish out yet another $15 :’(
I know kinda my fault for not being organized here, but is there any other way than me having to purchase it again?

Okay who do I e-mail?

Er what’s Cliff’s e-mail?

Okay PM sent to Cliff. Thx.

i dont have one either, i didnt use steam though, i purchased the bundle

If you purchased the Bundle through BMT Micro, they should be able to re-issue your code again.
If you can find the original transaction details that will help them resolve the issue quicker.