Where's the Campaign?

Just bought and installed the Galactic Conquest campaign, put it in the default directory for GSB. When I start the game up, behold…nothing different from what there was before. Tried every tab on the main screen, can’t find the campaign. Went to “Online” and got prompted for a registration code, which I no longer have. So, uh, where’s the software I just paid for? Does not having the reg code mean I just wasted seven bucks?

the registration code is from the base game, you get that by email, or through steam, depending where you bought it.
The game needs to be up to date for the campaign to show up and work. If you don’t have version 1.55, you need to re-download it, or let steam patch it. If you bought direct and the link has expired email cliff@positech.co.uk

Ah, that would explain it!

My link’s expired, will be contacting you via email to resolve this. Thanks!