Can not register Gratuitous Space Battles online on Steam

Hello, I bought the complete pack on Feb 24(UTC+8) through steam. The offline features work just fine, but when I try to register online it tells me the code is invalid. I tried pasting in, typing in as shown or reversed. The key is in ???-???-???-? format. Is that expected behavior?

I have exactly the same problem, including the key in xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-x format. Any solution?

I can’t access the online registration (or campaign) either. I purchased GSB on Steam two years ago but just picked the Conquest DLC a few days ago. I received a “Thank you for your purchase” e-mail from Steam containing the usual 19-digit confirmation code, but no registration code. How do I get a registration code?

Is anyone reading or listening to this forum? I can’t play the game I paid for because I got a bad key. Is there a more specific support process?

I solved my problem.

I don’t use Steam very much, and had never needed a CD key for anything previously. You can retrieve the “CD key” associated with any game in your library by selecting it from your Library then clicking “CD key” from the LINKS list on the right side. I don’t know why GSB couldn’t retrieve that key automatically from Steam, but pasting it into the “Online” registration field worked. I can now access the campaign.