Easy way to make deployments (for scenarios)

Is there any simple way to create deployments for scenarios ? Right now I do the following :

x Save my deployment
x Copy it in the correct folder with aifleet_easy.txt type of name.
x Use find replace to change all the “angle =90” to “angle = 270”
x Use find replace to change all the Pos = x, y to Pos = mapsize-x, y ==> have to it for every x
x Then if i want to change any order in my deployment, i have to edit the text file directly…

Is there any smarter / less cumbersome way to do this ?

PS : Sorry if this has already be answered, but I coudln’t find anything

A while ago there was talk of making a script to convert deployment files appropriately, but I don’t think anyone put one together yet.

You can easily skip that part with just making the player deployment area the whole scenario. That way you can put the ships anywhere you want without having to bother yourself with mirroring the coordinates.

After the enemy deployment has been finished remember to set back the player deployment to the original values :slight_smile:

Smart and simple :slight_smile: Thanks a lot SirJamon !