Economic Indicators

I would like to see a greater inclusion or policy options for economic indicators.

The game and expansions have done well regarding the Gini Coefficient - can any other regular players think what could be further added?

Again the game and expansions have touched industrial capacity - ECI - Economic Complexity Index - can any other regular players think what could be further added?

Can any other players think of any other economic measurements that could add to the

Yeah! One mod I use for D3 added positive situations for specific industries that developed because of your policies and/or disappeared. It included the process industry, financial sector, aerospace industry, automotive industry, computer industry, etc. “Rust belt” negative situation developed or had started in game as factories left, due to various things… which the game already relates to due to immigration policy, skill shortage, brain drain, uncompetitive economy, labor shortage, labor laws, etc. The mod also allowed the player to adjust work visas, while still adjusting border policy to be at retina scans for example, which is a lot like increasing H1B1 visas for special skills while building a wall.

It would be awesome to see the percentage makeup of the economy, like main exports or services, based on the player’s policies.

Labor participation rate would be interesting to see, which could change with the expansion or contraction of the welfare state. Showing the percent of population receiving government assistance/participating in labor/paying taxes would demonstrate more distinctions between voters, and relates to a major debate in politics between the “takers” and the “makers” (remember Romney’s infamous 47% comment?) and could become more linked with the disposable income update.

This could be complicated to code probably, but seeing the DOW or NASDAQ or other major markets increase or decrease during the game would be fun and immersive, and could either affect capitalists or just be cosmetic, related to GDP and the success of certain industries.

What do you think of that?

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Work visas - would be included in the immigration segment of the game already?
If you nuke immigration with a total ban - and together with a foreign church ban that solve any suggestion of H1B1 - or skilled immigration.
There could be a change in the slide adjuster with for example a points system or no point system.
I hope that answers that segment of your question.

To your second point I think that is a very good point - given that Cliff has added voter income demographics.

DOW and NASDAQ major crashes are already include in Democracy 3 - having them result in a more severe downturn would be more interesting.

I think your second point is a good idea. Best

Work visas would be a better distinction because currently there is no distinction between kinds of immigrants. I should be able to “nuke” general immigration while still allowing immigrants with special or extraordinary skills into the country. There is a mod for that; in fact playing the mod made me realize how bare the game feels without modding.