Effects of damage?

Anyone know what the effects of damage are. Fighters very clearly slow down when damaged (you can see them fall out of formation). Presumably that means larger ships do as well, but it’s not as profound given their relatively low speed to start with?

Others have said that weapon ROFs decrease with damage, is this true?

Are the above a function of general damage, or the % of the given module damaged? Is it binary—meaning at some % damage speed drops by 1/2 or ROF by 1/2, or is it progressive (x% damage = x% reduction in speed/ROF?)?


It’s module based, looks to be progressive.

Weapons fire slower, engines slow down, repair/carrier modules service slower. It’s pretty apparent once you look for it.

Cool. I’ve been thinking of making the ships in the Star Blazers mod (they don’t have shields) be “tanks” in some sense where they take many hits that should actually penetrate and do progressive damage instead of so much outright exploding.

Note that I absolutely want them to explode, but only after a gratuitous hail of gunfire! :smiley:

I should add that I don’t thinks it’s as apparent in stock GSB since ships tend to survive in pretty good shape, then the shields drop, and they quickly go downhill from there. Also, with non-fighters, speed is not a huge issue. You notice a drop in speed easily on a ship going at speed 2, but not so much when a CA drops from 0.27 to 0.17.

Well if you look at a damaged ship with a single type of weapons is clearly visible that damaged weapons take more time to reload.