Effects of dilmmas...

I was just wondering if there is any way to discern the effects of the way you choose between dilemmas. I understand that leaders don’t always know what effects they’re choices are going to have, but in the game it seems we don’t know what effect our choices had even after we make them, which means I could be angering my conservative base without necessarily knowing it. And is there a way to know how much I’m angering a certain group by a choice I make (just like I know exactly how much I’m going to bother the conservatives with each of my environmental policies… I can then compensate in other areas).

I have played through the game a number of times now and may be making the same mistakes over and over again without knowing it.


I find in many cases its obvious.

You can see the effects playing the USA in Dem1 or Dem2. P*ss off the environmentalists too much and they will blow up stuff and/or assasinate you.

Since the game mainly uses plain text files. Then, somewhere there are going be files that cover this. In fact, I just looked. Here you can find the answers in detail you seek just using notepad.exe:


Usually on Windows the path would be C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\simulation\dilemmas, although obviously it depends on whether you specified a custom directory when you installed it.