Electioneering Crash

When I try to start a new game with the electioneering mod, it crashes after I pick my nation and try to start.

It didn’t happen when I turned off the mod, so I don’t know what’s going on? I was really looking forward to playing this mod.

Hi, this should be fixed now. We had some problems initially but the game has been patched. Make sure you are running the very latest version. If in doubt, re-download the game using the original download link in the purchase email.

Getting this problem as well and only bought the new mod yesterday. Have disabled all other non-Positech created mods and then testing with just Electioneering on or off and it’s definitely Electioneering.

Error code is:

Assertion failure:filename:/Users/urkle/Projects/HIB/Positech/democracy3/code/game/src/SIM_Override.cpp,linenum:47,build:1.14 – ptarg

Playing on Mac OSX 10.9.5