EMP Weapons. Target Selection

I would like to suggest that EMP weapons be more selective as to what targets are fired upon. For instance, I buld up a nice tank with a emp cannon on it to help disable the firing of enemy ships. What I find that is annoying is that it seems each of the ships fire emp at the same target (co-operative). Thats no good :). If the target is disabled, I would kind of like to disable a different one.


In order to make ships chnge targets you will need to give them the retaliate order.

My suggestion is to deal with Emp weapons only really. I need the ships to still follow the basic rules of co-operation and such.

Thanks for your input.


I understand, but you need to realise that the whole point of gsb is that mid battle commands do not exist.

the best way to prevent your emp ships from only firing on one target is to tell them to retaliate against those who are attacking them.

this unless i am mistaken is by far the best means to achieve what you desire to achieve

If a ship has EMP, I don’t give it the cooperate command, and that seems to work fine.

Thanks. Yeah I see the point. I love the game. Maybe I need to just look at it from another approach.

Thanks for your input guys!


Exactly what i do with my “support” ships.

I try to give my EMP ships rescuer & retaliate, seem to work fine :slight_smile: