New Commands: Assist and Split Fire

So, two commands I thought could be useful, the former especially so with the new expansion…

Assist: This would be a targeted command (like Escort and the like). If Ship A is ordered to assist Ship B, then whenever Ship B encounters and engages a target, Ship A will drop whatever it’s doing and start moving to attack Ship B’s target. Useful if you want your disruptor-equipped frigates to exclusively shoot at what your radiation-gun-equipped cruisers are targeting, or if you want to have an EMP frigate tag along with your cruiser and shoot what it does, or if you want to have a fleet of cheap target-painter fighters lighting up anything your missile cruiser shoots at… You get the idea.

Split Fire: Essentially, this is the opposite of Assist. If Ship A is ordered to split fire with Ship B and comes across a target that Ship B is already engaging, it will seek out another target (unless none are within engage distance + 50%). This is useful so your EMP-equipped vessels don’t waste their EMPs on the same one, and so your radiation-equipped vessels can wear down many targets at once with the nuke DoT. I’m sure there are other reasons to do this, but I can’t think of any right now >.<

Assist order would be fine, i would like to have it for my favorite missile cruiser - beam cruiser tandem.

About Split fire. What if you have 4 EMP ships ? you could still have 2 with the same target. So, maybe it should be an order given to a group of ships, so that all of them in the group will try to have a different target.