re-prioritizing targets / vulture?

So, exactly how often ARE ship targets re-prioritized?

I know the target is released on ships death, and by certain orders like retaliate, and that selection is based on the priorities. But without these orders is the only way to acquire a new target is the old ones death?

Also, does a command like vulture interrupt the targeting when it sees another ship, of suitable priority, damaged? Anyone actually know the trigger for vulture? (ie half hull, shields down ect…)


Welcome to the GSB forums, R-factor!

On the Suggestions Forum, there is a fascinating & informative thread dating back to September about how the shipboard AI targeting works. I highly recommend that you read it in full; it’ll be most helpful for a new player. There was a lot of content there that even took other veteran players by surprise. Some links to it:

Here, Cliffski describes precisely how your ship’s “gunners” prioritize targets.

And here, another player highlights just how marginally effective the Vulture order really is, as described in Cliffski’s pseudo-code example.

To begin at the beginning, click here.

These forums are an absolute goldmine of data for avoiding an interstellar ass-kicking while delivering one to your game opponent. It will take considerable time to sift and filter through it back across the last year-plus, but it’s well worth your time!

Wow my bad on missing this information! I didn’t expect it to be in suggestions.

Anyways, thankyou for the very helpful post & links!