Energy efficiency policies?

I wonder if the game would benefit from a catch-all policy that included stuff like this:

and this:

Right now Democracy 4 lets you give subsidies to clean energy, and tax fossil fuel energy, but there are no dedicated energy efficiency policies. Maybe this should change?


I think that those could be covered by the Eco-Home Regulation, maybe it’s just that policy that needs a bit more of work and maybe a rename to Thermal Instalations Code, or something in those lines.

Fair point, although I guess there is scope to have separate policies that affect business? I have always in my mind thought that the eco home regulations were just focused on newly built houses, which is only a small proportion of total houses, and a very small proportion of non-transport emissions.

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If that’s the idea I would take it as one policy aplying to the use of thermal instalations in all cases that reflects temperature ranges that are allowed, restrictions on how they can be achived and if they can be used in open spaces, and another policy that reflects requirements for new buildings, not only homes, like minimum insulation, max air leaks, minimun pasive solar heating, that reduces a bit private housing.

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Anything to get ontop of the environment simulation. By the late game, I’m praying for a flash crash so I have a chance in hell of shaking off Environmental Protests.

I’ve of course ranted about such things in my Green New Deal and Deurbanisation policy suggestion packs

Waiting for a flash crash instead of tanking your GDP on purpose, shame on you.


I could never sacrifice my precious immersion, but I will attest that is a baller move.