[Error 1.07] Fighters still have issues

The rebels can make fighters fast enough that several other races can’t build fighters capable of hitting them. I know that the Imperials and Alliance can’t, not sure about the Federation. A dedicated anti-fighter cruiser needs numbers equality, so one cruiser per fighter squadron, or they lose. This was the anti-fighter build I used

Seven point defense lasers which each should have a track speed of 4.00 now since I have the tracking stations were unable to hit with any regularity, and thats with the fighters all staying nice and close and needing to burn through 3 layers of ultra heavy armor. Aside from piling ships with armor and armor repair, which I don’t believe is your intention, I don’t see any way to counter rebel superfighters. Perhaps you can nerf the amazing numbers of slots and power output of the rebel fighters, especially their bomber class?