Error With Crosswords


Hi, I just bought the game yesturday and there’s a little problem with the crossword. I can’t enter letters in the blocks. I’ve reinstalled the game a couple of times but i still have the same problem. Also, when I minimize and maximize I get an error message : D3DEngine error, but nothing is wrong with the game. It doesnt crash or anything. Everything else is great! I downloaded some avatars and I also made watching tv a group activity.


I havent heard this before. Is this the positech version? or one bought from another website?
It sounds like something is interrupting your keyboard entry. Does the game let you enter save file names and rename pets ok?


Yep, I can do both things and I do have the positech version.


thats very strange, they use exactly the same code. does it happen in both windowed and fullscreen modes?


I am also having this problem. Bought and downloaded game 3-4 days ago, Positech version, and I can also name pets and save files. Windowed and Fullscreen both do this for me. I patched to 1.20 today and am still having the same issue. I do play on a laptop; could this be causing difficulties somehow?


For a moment there I thought I was alone :confused: I too use a laptop and have tried the fullscreen and window setting.


Same problem, and the curious thing is … I had NO trouble with crosswords until after I installed the last three patches (18 - 20). Now the crosswords aren’t working.


Holy cow. Defeinitely a 1.18+ problem then, I shall take a look at the code…


Damn, my fault, I’ll fix it today. Sorry.


Fixed in version 1.21 (patch on the patches page)


thanks :smiley:


Works with earlier saved games, too. :wink: