Not sure if this has been mentioned, but there are times while trying to get ships to escort other ships that the white line indicating which ship they will follow will not appear. However, in spite of this, though not all the time, the name of the ship that is supposed to be escorted will appear in the box over okay. (This is in the pop up box that appears when the escort command is chosen from the list.) I tested it out when the name would appear, but the lines would not, and in spite of the name being listed, the escort command had not been accepted.

Also, when I use multiple ships of the same class, occasionally, they will receive orders that I have given to others of the same class in a different group. This also occurs when I create distinct groups of various classes of ships. The orders that I have given one group are listed as being applied to the second group. However, when I click on individual classes of ship or individual ships themselves, these orders are not listed.

'Nother nit picky thing here. Once a task force has been saved under one scenario, it would be really nice to be able to have access to it in other scenarios. Having to jig around with all the bars and orders for each group and recreating them map to map is a bit of a PITA.

Last comment. The delete order doesn’t seem to work consistently. It never seemed to work while I was continuing to access the same unit(s). Though, were I to pick a new unit(s), and come back to the previous, the deleted order would sometimes be gone. Seem to be about 50/50. The commands that I noticed this with specifically were cooperation, vulture, escort, and keep moving.

Last, really last, I mean it this time. I manage to unlock every item halfway through the game on normal. polite cough Some of those unlocks were good, but if the point of the game is to be building fleets to pit against each other, I think A Lot More, ‘In Huge Substantial Amounts’ More choices are needed of both basic choices for ships and unlocks for good behavior choices. I know it seems small, but I have spent hours building ships, and I generally watch the battle, finger in nose, at the fastest possible setting…that said, could you also give maybe up to a 10x speed increase?

In particular, a way to save and deploy fleet elements, just like you would individual ships, would be useful.