Extended / Protective Shields

It will be awesome if u can make the shield of a cruiser to extend it to the ships that are near the shielded cruiser, maybe with a new type of shield, maybe with an order (extend shield to near ships) or something. The total ammounth of the shield will be divided into all the ships in the near distances. Besides this will allow more tactic strategies, aka making a unique cruiser with lots of shield to make a “barrier”. I know it will be hard to implement, but i just needed to say it.

i would prefer something like a Fortshield in Nexus
a simple huge bubble :stuck_out_tongue:

Something like that would be supermegaultraepic
And why not both of them?

Cliff please, I beg you! make this reality :smiley:

I’d like to see the exact reverse - a racial-specific (cough, Empire, cough) ‘hull-hugging’ shield that extends to a range of <15 from the ship.

Would instantly give the Empire a much-needed buff and fit right in with their advanced tech / shield ethos.

Maybe i watched too much “star trek” (and other tv series too, like stargate) but sometimes, when i see a little ship behind my huge cruiser and the little ship is taking damage by the enemy with that big shield around itself, its look a bit weird lol. Since in the game u can see a ship almost attached to another one in position (never saw that in the tv) is strange that there are no possibilities to make “shared” shields.

I feel almost the same. as gsb is a two dimensional game, it stands to reason that a frigate behind a cruiser would be shielded as a real life soldier behind a tank. of course i understand that it would have an effect on the weapons as well. if there is some way to at least give shielded ships some advantage over those exposed, it would cause the formation orders to have a greater use.

In addition i think weapons such as lasers and blasters should be near unusable by shielded ships, and that they should be forced to use missiles as they can navigate around friendly targets


GSB is like TOTALLY 3D, man! So that Frigate “next to” that cruiser is really, like, totally far away but in a WHOLE 'NOTHER DIMENSION! Must be. Otherwise the cruiser shield would shield that Frigate, wouldn’t it? Same reason missed shots never hit anything else by mistake–3D!!!

Like, you know?


U wrong. If u think GSB is 3d, then y the ships collapse and cant move if they are one attached to another ^_^?? Cuz the ships are not in the z axis, they are only in the x and y axis!! Missed shots never hit anything else cuz u rather see that in the science ficcion tv. A ship selects a target and the weapon is directed to that target, Its not probably that the shot will hit another different target… of course everyone playing gsb thinks the universe in GSB is 3d, and one ship can fly under another, but playing u will notice the ships never pass throuhg another one, they just get stucked. I dont think thats 3d lol…

I like the idea super sized, super strength shield that covers other ship, particularly for empire. It might actually make the ISSB (and empire) usable again. Or maybe an empire only frigate shield with 15 shield strength.

But actually I don’t think it should be too hard because having super sized shield automatically makes the ship the “easiest target” and as such will draw enemy fire by default.

That will be good in some situations. All depends on wat tactical u will use.

BTW, happened to me that sometimes i need to avoid having shields in my fastest frigates, having a cruiser that protects those fast frigates that have the escort behaviour on the cruiser, can allow a lot of more strategies to follow. Of course, i think the extended shield need to be limited to frigates and cruisers only. Fighters should not be able to have “shields” no matter wat.

It would be interesting if shields work to block all incoming enemy fire regardless of target, so if it hits a shield bubble it is stopped by the shield regardless of who the shield belongs to.

(I’m assuming some sort of IFF thingy that allows the shield to magically determine which bullets are “friendly” and which bullets are “hostile” of course.)

Ever play Supreme Commander? Sort of like that. You can have row upon row of shield generator. The first layer of shields drops, but the second layer of shields still keeps the generator safe. When the second layer drops the third layer is still there. By the time the third layer drops the first layer of shields should be restored, and so it keeps cycling through multiple layers of shielding like that, all the while your protected guns and artillery are firing back at the approaching enemy.

If shields in GSB worked like that then frigates could hide behind cruisers. The big shield bubbles of cruisers would keep the frigates safe even if the frigates were being shot at. You’d have to break through the cruiser shields before being able to attack the frigate shields.

I want to play SupCom again. Its an extremely gratuitous game. Plot? What plot? Its all about massive artillery duels with dozens of layers of regenerative shielding, and close air support with ICBM’s. :smiley:

Also, Zap Brannigan School of military tactics.



amazing and imposible idea for now xD
Yeah, i played sup comm 2, great campaing, my favorite tactic is fortifier, a base with a tactical shield spam (tactical because i do not place shields everywere insanely, i place them with strategy and a plan B if they fall)
The only problem with my forts are the nuclear missiles, i need to research faster the anti nuclear tech and at the same time, send suicidal attacks for destroy any nuclear building before they send me to the space…

I tried to make this happen- I sorta succeeded… It worked perfectly in every way… except for the fact that there phantom/echo behind it: img156.imageshack.us/img156/3222/worksr.png
It’s not exactly lined up right now, but this still proves that the basic concepts do work. To get this effect, you get a ship then you just gotta double the canvas size (eg. from 200x200 to 400x400)- then, position the ship to be in the centre of one axis (horizontally). Then, modify the image of the shield to an image of half a hull hugging shield (cut vertically). Then, you get a hull hugging shield. Here’s a diagram I made incase you didn’t understand me:

This, I am sure, the big shield bubble, would be absolute amusement for modders, bit like what was said earlier but reverse, modded FIGHTERS that had dreadnaut-sized sheild bubbles :smiley:


gives new meaning to the escort order:

“Just shut up and fly around that huge ship that is completely unshielded because it has WAY too many weapons and produce a shield bubble to rival that of the one used on Naboo in the first Star Wars, non-retro movie. Also, If your shield take too much damage, fly into that hangar and somehow make the shield around the cruiser instead”!

Yes, I am crazy.

Yes, it is contagious.

OHHH F*** …do not come near me… uhm… yeah, now you are right…
Ugh Waitasecond!, can be contagoius via chat?! D:

@Randy Tjang :

Yeah, but you do not tried something, what about oval-shaped shields? To ships like the EX-Delta Leviathan it should be usefull !!

if you want HUGE shields on a ship, you just gotta make it a small ship on the image, like you have a 512 sized image, and only make the ship like 24. havnt tested it though, but it should in theory work.

well but then it still wont extend to other ships :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha yeah, thats sad :frowning:

Not to mention this super shield is going to get slaughtered by fighters due to how big it’s actual hull collision is.

i thought that ships under friendly shields were protected…

you learn something new everyday :slight_smile: