Extra Robots Speed

When looking at the extra robots upgrade it shows at plus % to speed. The R1 = 10%, R2 = 7.50%, & R3 = 5%. When you apply R1 to say Fit Roof with a base time of 9.00s you get a new time of 8.18s, that is not 10% of 9.00s, 10% of 9 is 0.9 so the time should be 8.1. Not sure if i’m doing the math correct, I think that I am.

Here is the way that I see it.

9.00s * 0.1 = 0.9 9.00s - 0.9 = 8.1s

If you use the time shown in the game of 8.18s, then that would be 9.1%

9.00s * 0.091 = 0.82 9.00s - 0.82 = 8.18s

Hope this helps to understand what I’m trying to say. I feel that if it is going to tell me 10% faster speed then it should be 10% not 9.1%


it is correct as it is. The tool tipp says +10% speed and not 10% less time.
I will try to explain and hope that it will not get lost in translation …

The basic time without any robot upgrade is 9 s so the speed is 1 task per 9 s.
Pushing this speed by 10% means the current speed after first robot upgrade will be 1.1 task per 9 s.
Calculating this back to the time needed to complete the same task it means 1 task per 8.18 s.

It’s the same as trying to drive 50 mile in a car. At a speed of 50 mph it takes 60 minutes. With 10% more speed (55 mph) it will take 55.55 minutes for the same distance, not the expected 54 minutes.

At this point it could be usefull to show the expected time it will need with the upgrade and not only the + % speed … ;o)

I hope this will help.

Kind regards

Thanks for clarifying, plus I miss read +10% speed, thinking it time. The reason I’m wanting this is because I’m working out a spreadsheet showing the times with the different robot upgrade combinations. My thinking with this is that I may not want to use R1 UG because it will speed things up to fast. So by using R2 & R3 together will get the speed closer to what I’m looking for, hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Below is a break down of the Fit Roof with different robot UG combinations. The listing is showing the slowest time combination to the fastest.

R3 | R2 | R1 | R2&3 | R1&3 | R1&2 | R1&2&3 |
8.57 | 8.37 |8.18 |8.00 |7.83 | 7.66 |7.35

Now that I know what I’m looking for it will make it easier to do the formula in excel so that I don’t have to do every combination of robots.

Thanks for the help.


making a excel sheet will all the timings and upgrade changes don’t forget to include the time for rolling out the finished vehicle and rolling in the next one. Even the first slot in the production line, e.g. the front axle fitting, is loosing performance this way.

And: When more and more stuff will be added and balanced your excel sheet may get obsolete. But preparing the formula for the known things could make changes very easy :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Yes I am putting all areas into the sheet, as you have said from start to finish. With you giving me the info that I need I was able to get the sheet done. I’m not sure if I have the best formula but it does work with all the times, even after copy and paste to the other parts. Such as Axles and even when broken down to front/rear. The times match with the game time, for all configurations of robot upgrades. With the formula working yes it will make updating the sheet easier. Here is a sample of what some of the times look like.

[list=] Base R3 R2 R1 R2+3 R1+3 R1+2 R1+2+3
Body 63.35 60.33 58.93 57.59 56.31 55.09 53.91 51.71
Bodyframe 40.85 38.90 38.00 37.14 36.31 35.52 34.77 33.35
Rollcage 6.20 5.90 5.77 5.64 5.51 5.39 5.28 5.06
Aluminium Body 6.82 6.50 6.34 6.20 6.06 5.93 5.80 5.57
Hood 4.00 3.81 3.72 3.64 3.56 3.48 3.40 3.27
Trunk 4.50 4.29 4.19 4.09 4.00 3.91 3.83 3.67
Bumpers 9.40 8.95 8.74 8.55 8.36 8.17 8.00 7.67
Front 4.40 4.19 4.09 4.00 3.91 3.83 3.74 3.59
Rear 5.00 4.76 4.65 4.55 4.44 4.35 4.26 4.08
Arches 8.20 7.81 7.63 7.45 7.29 7.13 6.98 6.69
Front 4.20 4.00 3.91 3.82 3.73 3.65 3.57 3.43
Rear 4.00 3.81 3.72 3.64 3.56 3.48 3.40 3.27[/list]

The above list will not show up in an easy to read format.

The formula that I’m using is:


  $G20 is the Base time.
  1+5% is the 1 task being done 5% faster

If you have an easier way of doing it please let me know. When dealing with excel, the formulas can not always be simple.

Another thing that I’m looking at adding is the time to move from each conveyor space. The reason is to keep the line moving.

Undercarriage with R1 upgrade takes 3.91s
Fuel Tank with R1+2+3 upgrade takes 6.53s
This would cause a jam.
If you know that it takes 1.5s to move 1 conveyor square then you could put 2 squares between Undercarriage and Fuel Tank to slow down the line.

IDEA: Would be nice if we could adjust the speed of the conveyor between two points to help the line more smoother.