[Not a Bug][Inconsistency 1.06] Bug regarding upgraded speeds

Hello mr dev :smiley:

Great game so far, but I think ive found an inconsistency.

I noticed that the “Fit steering wheel” machine have a nice round “10 second” timer.

I needed to speed this part up, so I upgraded it with the first robotics upgrade. It claimes that its supposed to be a 10% reduction in speed.

I would think that this ment 1 second off, as 10% of 10 is 1 … (100,9 = 9, or 10-(100,1). But instead it seems to do a 10/1.1, and the result is a speed of 9.09.

Nothing gamebreaking or anything, but the game did not do what I thought it would do.

Cheers - DJ :smiley:


it’s not a bug, just a misunderstanding of the tool tip.
There are other topic related to this. The explanation is here.

So from my point of view it can be closed.

Kind regards

Done. :smiley:

If there’s a need to re-open the thread let me know by PM.

… Thread locked …