Timetable Sheet

Hey, not sure where to put this, but I put some time into this and thought that others might enjoy it as well.
Its a timetable for all machines and their subgroups, plus all upgrades, plus for 2 to 8 robot arms. Helps with planning a production line and being able to see how fast you can get it. I was able to pump out a vehicle every <5 seconds.(it was 4.6, but due to travel times and waiting a bit longer)

G1 to G4 are the machinery groups
Upgrades are the accessories to each vehicle plus a total time needed for all upgrades at once (Total Complete)
R1 to R4 are the number of robot arms on one side, so standard is 1 and max is 4.

I might be updating this in the future when things are added or changed. I might also add products needed at every port. But we will have to see, I usually am very busy.

But now go have some fun!!!

can i get the raw data? i want to automate the search for combinations.
I also started my own table before i found yours.
The speed incrase for robot upgrades are:
Upgrade 1: 9%
Upgrade 2: 14.7%
Upgrade 3: 18,3%
(relative to a station without upgrades)
Im sure this is somewhere in the game files.

For the Cassies Assembly the sweetspot seems to be arround 2s per car & station.
But we have to factor in the time the car takes to be transported to the next station. So The amount and speed of the Convyors has to be taken into account.
This could be done by normalizing the values with the minimum needed amount of convyors need to give each station the same dimensions and adding an additional amount to multiple machine setups (if you have 2 or more of the same station working as team).

So it would be a=time for the machine, b= time for the convayors to get an item to the edge of a unified square arround the machine, c=for the additional convyors needed to connect multiple machines of one type and distribute cars amongst them and d=the amount of machiens working as team

a+b+(c*d)=time for car
b & c are the time of a convyor to transport a car one tile multiplied by the convayor amount


the time a vehicle needs for transfer from one slot to another one does not effect the output at all. So when the production line ist running at full speed it’s influence is 0.
But: With longer distances between the production slots it will take more time to get the designed production line to its full output / production speed.

But at this point at all I’m not sure if this (using e.g. Excel to find the perfect combinations) would not kill the fun creating a basic production line, improving the output and redesign when a factory expension is done.

But hey, different people have different intentions how to play such a game. Most important point is to have fun no matter which way :smiley:

For some this is fun :smiley:

The travel time doesnt affect the working rate of a station but does affect the total time it takes to not only do its job but also transport it to the next. so thats the time that should be mesured when thinking about the production rate. Isnt it?


If you want to know how long (in the matter of processing time) it takes from start ‘Fit Front Axle’ till finish ‘Export’ it is important.

If you want to calculate to the total output in cars per minute or one car every # seconds it does not. In this case the ratio of the running time to total time and the parallelization of production slots are counting. You can try it ingame: Even when placing e.g. the ‘Chassis Assemble’ slot far away from the ‘Fit Body’ slot the thrughput will be limited by the slots and their number and timing. Depending on the setup / distance between both slots the ‘Chassis Assemble’ slot will release the second vehicle even if the first did not arrive.

Of course the lenght of the conveyors will effect the output of the whole line at the starting period. As soon as this ends the distance will not matter anymore.

I hope this will help (and not too much got lost in translation) …

Kind regards