Feature Idea

I am pretty new to the game but have really been enjoying it so far! I watched several of the developer blog videos and am excited about the future of the game. Sounds like many great ideas are in the works!

My suggestion would be to create a new feature category called “Service” and offer a variery of “after sale” services, like a warranty for example. Maybe have 3 levels like Basic (3yr), Deluxe(5yr) and Premium(10yr) warranties for example. Another example could be complimentary preventative maintenance packages. I think it would be a cool upgrade the the Export —> Paperwork slot.

I have lots of ideas on how this could play into the mechanics of the game. For example, there could be an ongoing per vehicle cost to your company to cover service claims. That cost would diminish over a certain time frame. Maybe the number of warranty claims could be related the the number of defects in vehicles sold. Another idea would be to factor the length of a warranty into the “perceived quality” score.

I’m probably rambling here but I hope you get the basic idea. This is a very real world aspect of the automotive industry and think it would be an interesting twist the game.

Thanks again for the great game. Cheers!