Feedback about France 1.11


Here are some remarks after a first game with France to help you improve the simulation :

  • Racial profiling is not in force in France to my knowledge
  • The taser is widely used in the French police, often preferred to firearms (especially for the local police)
  • Childcare assistance is generalized in France, I think it should be implemented from the base
  • access to housing is assisted in France with housing assistance proportional to the rent (or to the monthly repayment of the loan). 20% of households benefit in one way or another. This aid probably has an inflationary effect on rents but is very popular in France.
  • a policy increasingly put forward in France is the “prime d’activité”, something close to the EITC in the USA. It is social assistance, but you have to work to benefit from it, and it is an alternative to the increase in the minimum wage without placing the burden on businesses. The idea behind is that work should pay more than inactivity. However tt raises the issue of a low-wage trap.


  • Tax revenue on luxury goods is linked to the adoption of cryptocurrencies
  • The policies of quantity easing and helicopter currency no longer appear in the menus

Thank you for your work and for paying attention to our feedback !

Quantity easing and helicopter currency require sovergein currency.

So Germany and France can’t use it, because they are using euro instead of their national currencies.