Feedback after playing

Played for 8 hours, sandbox on first map and scenario on second.

  1. Models screen needs to be reworked:
    1. Add grouping by price tier or body style
    2. Models should never change price tier by themselves (happens when components prices fluctuate). It’s confusing and breaks things.
    3. Component list needs grouping\prioritization\sorting… You can’t tell what’s important and what’s not. You can replace one upgrade with another and then scroll up and replace it back and scroll down and replace it again without any UI indication about that. And list is too long to remember everything.
  2. Player needs better feedback on sales\customers. Customers\hour fluctuates too much to draw any conclusions.
  3. Overlays like in Paradox games would be good. For example, productivity overlay or overlay that shows number of not installed upgrades. Or overlay with time to finish task.
  4. Research is disappointing. There are jumps between factory “levels” in terms of research: one is ability build everything by component and second is building this components. And building a new line until you haven’t researched all required techs for this “jump” is counterproductive.
  5. Line is just a line. There are some forking, usually in paint area, but in general all you lines are the same. Booooring. And I doubt this can be changed.
  6. Scenarios are boring. They just add a simple goal to sandbox mode and that’s it. In Big Pharma you have better variety in general and scenarios create new challenges, contain new maps and change how you play. Nothing close to this in Production Line.
  7. When building a new line you have click on every building and check if it needs individual upgrades. There should be a better way to build upgrades en masse (not speed-up stuff, but better seats etc). Same with priorities.
  8. Player should be able to repay loan early.
  9. “No export room” notification is kind of terrible. It looks similar to more important errors and it’s everywhere. No export room is good thing, not an error! At least while you can’t sell components to the market.
  10. Imports are wonky. In one case I had two inputs close to each others, both connected and one was overloaded and second isn’t importing at all.
  11. No way to cancel dragging of conveyors, at least one tile will be built.

TLDR: game is similar to Big Pharma but worse in every aspect and needs UI\UX stuffs. Sadface.

I would definitely concur with #2. Not understanding why my cars are stockpiling is frustrating.

Different cars receive different messages… even if same model. Not being able to discount older, now obsolete models, not knowing what makes / is expected for the different vehicle price points pushes me to budget / luxury only which is uninteresting.