FFS fix the ship loadout crashes!!!

The game always crashes when the “my games/GSB/ships” contains ship setups created for a race which was removed when un-modding the game. The game could simply ignore the files,its not like they change anything there…
This could possibly happen also with scenarios/deployments,i havent tested that.

Earlier i also said that there is a problem with the game crashing when a race is selected that was removed (removing a mod for example). Again, the game could simply autoswitch to federation,which is a default unlocked race available even in the demo. - i also havent tested that so dont kill me for ranting plz :stuck_out_tongue:

just pointing out some really annoying loopholes

yes this is true, I’ll add this to my list

yeah i got a bit insane here when i was posting this… (really annoyng stuff,heh)

thanks alot man

i just want the game to be more BFU* friendly,thats all :stuck_out_tongue:

  • BFU - Bloody F*****g User