Final Killcam

I reckon that at the end of the level, after you’ve actually got the victory or defeat screen, it should pop up a video of the last kill of the level. Does any1 agree?

Sounds interesting, i certainly would like to be able to review the previous battle and select my ships at the end to see how much damage each weapon has done etc on an individual ship basis opposed to collectively. also being able to rewind would allow you to review your formations and commands in a little more detail before heading out and editing them to try again.

I like it cool idea also if there was a way to follow the last projectile on its trajectory while everything goes slomo that would be awesomez! :smiley:

That would be amazing. But I would just LOVE a theatre mode. Programming hell though

Yeah, unfortunately they’d never go for it.

↑I like your idea, a theatre or something like in some console games, to watch and review your battles. That would be epic!