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Split "Fix Windows" into "Fit Windows" & "Fit Servos"

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The fit windows step is awful when it comes to resources. It is constantly waiting on resources. I think this step should be broken down into Fit Windows and Fit Servos because there is constantly a shortage due to the step only holding 9 windows when 5 are needed so you always have to wait on more. Breaking it down into Windows and Servos would completely fix this problem.

I think that it should probably split up in “Fit Back Window”, “Fit Rear Side Windows”, “Fit Front Side Windows”…

… or even better prefabricate the doors in “Make Doors”… where you put the Servo and Window into the door Panel… and then put the entire door on the car. Which would be more like real life.

I think this would make the game a bit less challenging and the Supply Stockpile nearly obsolete as it works atm. With the last update Cliff has fixed a bug redarding the stock on the slot after buying the ‘Electric Windows’ upgrade. The biggest problem with slots that need 4 or more of the same component is the distance from the next source and the time the parts need to be imported/manufactured and transported.

That would be great but I think preassembling is a major idea but will need a lot of brain storming …

Doors are pre assembled in sets of left and right, been the same at every car plant ive visited.

So i agree, the doors should be prebuilt as separate assemblys and fitted to the line to be added to the car.

it would be easy to split this in code and with the simple modding tools avalible already (notepad ++) but the GFX would suffer due to the windows (that the topic is about) is added as a “component” that looks like this:


So it cant be added in seperate parts (Front / Rear) or pre assembled unless

Split. Everything.

Sure but should it be the same in a game just from the beginning?
Never forget the ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ … So a basic way of manufacturing at the beginning is okay for me. There is enough to learn even if you don’t have to take care of preassembling.

I agree in case of later gameplay. It would be great to have several things - not only the doors but e.g. the body, engine and wheels too - split away from the main production line into spearate subassembly lines. But before talking about this better talk about how much simulation and how much simplification is needed. Of course a sedan has four different doors and not four of the same …

In my mind there is no need to simulate even the smallest bolt and piece of cable.

So Yes to a bit more detailed production process, Yes to subassembling but also a strict No to have an overwhelming level of details right from the very first moment of the game ;o)

[Edit] But back to topic: The Fit Windows slot has the same issue as the slots that are available on start: It can’t hold enough parts for two processes. In combination with the suggestion of a 1x1 stockpile maybe a researchable expanded slot stockpile - so 32 instead of 16 items can be stored at the cost of 4 instead of 3 tiles space needed - would fit everyones need?

[size=150]i also whant to see more separate lines [/size]